I never would have guessed while back in architecture class, so many years ago (did they still make buggy whips back then? ) that one day I might apply those skills to remodeling mobile homes. It's funny sometimes how some things come about, and since it is the real story, that is the one I will tell.

I have always been interested in homes, home design and remodeling, but never thought of doing that as a profession or business. I did study architecture and my personal favorite architect of all time is Frank Lloyd Wright. You look at his homes, and he made each one individually, and somehow he brought a sense that everything belonged just as he had designed it, and they were different, each home, from any other homes any one else did. They did not look 'futuristic' or dated, but instead they seemed to have a timeless beauty about them.

Well, I am afraid I am no Frank Lloyd Wright, but I do understand something that he did, and that is that homes are for people, and within your limits, the idea is to make it as comfortable, attractive and 'people friendly' as possible. If I can get better at that each time we remodel a mobile home, I think I can make others and myself happier.


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